e-AMC now brings you the most
comprehensive suite of
AVM Products!
New AVM products include:
Real Info's i-Val® AVM
Sample iVal Report Link
Pre-Decision Qualifier  
Sample PDQ Report Link
Home Junction AVM
Sample Home Junction Report Link
ValueSmart™  AVM
Sample ValueSmart Report Link
Collateral Market Value
Sample CMV Report Link
Freddie Mac's Home Value
Explorer® (HVE)  
Sample HVE Report Link
CA Value AVM  
Sample CA Value Report Link
Fiserv's CASA®  
Sample CASA Report Link
MDA Cascade Order:       
(see details)
  1. CMV Report
  2. HVE Report
  3. i-Val Report
  4. ValueSmart
Sample MDA Cascade Report Link
For a detailed list and description of
available AVM products, please visit our

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